I have over 25 years administrative experience, including five years supporting c-suite executives. 

Before founding Executive Order LLC, I held Executive Assistant and HR Specialist roles at SC Johnson & Son. I really enjoyed helping executives keep their busy lives and schedules organized, meeting and event planning, coordinating interviews, onboarding international employees, and special projects. When the corporate landscape began to change with reorganizations, work became just a job. I felt like I'd been stuffed into a box that was suffocating my divine character and abilities.

It didn't take long to realize that it was the perfect time to maximize my potential and release the entrepreneur inside. As a Virtual Executive Assistant I have totally unleashed my talent to passionately serve clients in areas and platforms that were only once imagined. I love what I do!

While in the Air Force, I learned the importance of demonstrating a high standard of excellence, organizational and collaboration skills, and strong attention to detail. I earned a degree in Human Resources Management from Concordia University. Sound cultural competence and experience working with global search firms, executives and clients has helped develop my professionalism. I am an active member of Virtual Assistant Networking Association.

I am also a gifted writer, author and minister of the Gospel.




On a Personal Note

I am affectionately known for my calm demeanor and ability to establish peace in the midst of deadlines and stressful environments. Calmness is definitely my trademark.

What breaks my heart and fills my eyes with tears? Abused and neglected children. When one of their lives are snuffed out, I wail as though they belonged to me.

My parents raised me in church. I hold a Certificate of Biblical Counseling. In my spare time I enjoy volunteering at a local hospital, reading, writing poetry, listening to music, and hanging out with my favorite girl in the whole world - "Mom."

I have lived in England and recently co-authored the book, "Emerge - Stories of Courage and Truth," which topped Amazon's best sellers list on the first day of release. This accomplishment has inspired me to further develop my skills and position myself provide niched services to writers, authors, coaches and speakers.

In the meantime, writing my own script for a thriving business has been exciting, challenging and rewarding.