The film, “2001, A gap Odyssey” is actually an esoteric content towards human anatomy off initiates

The film, “2001, A gap Odyssey” is actually an esoteric content towards human anatomy off initiates

Hardly any people knew the true-meaning. It wasn’t meant to be realized from the profane. Nevertheless Adepts of your own Secret Universities know it well.

The latest ancient tales away from Babylonian, Egyptian and you can Greek myths have significantly more meaning than just most people understand. Archeologists and historians merely understand the EXOTERIC and therefore miss out the whole section off exactly what it all the very form. When George Bush referred to a beneficial “Thousand Affairs away from White” in his speech in the 1991 he had been by using the emblematic vocabulary and you will was writing on the human body out-of starts. The in-patient heard the fresh exoteric meanings of these statements whenever you are initiates worldwide smiled so you’re able to by themselves, as they realized the true meaning. You see George Plant was a person in your order out-of Head and Bones Neighborhood. Bill Clinton retains the brand new 33rd education throughout the Masonic lodge. Bob Dole, a good Republican, is actually an effective 33rd studies Freemason. Which does not really matter to own whom you vote, you are in perception voting on the Mysteries. These people and others are practitioners of Secrets and know exactly in which the business is certainly going. Of several judges end up in wonders societies. These people are every where and are also all the indoctrinated regarding viewpoints of your own Mysteries.

They trust he’s got achieved a higher part of their advancement (various other deception) and also have the needed knowledge so you can code with the rest of humankind. They feel there are just a few adult thoughts regarding industry and this individuals with the new adult intelligence have to publication humanity. It think by themselves ‘illumined.’ This is true and can feel affirmed inside their very own writings, here is what they think. Unless you’re ready to unlock your face and you will search which point might are nevertheless fooled.

The fresh new coming “” new world “” Purchase is founded on an occult thinking known as the ‘Pure Luciferian Doctrine’ or ‘Illuminism.’ The fresh new symbology for it religion are almost everywhere.

Releasing of the Puzzle Religion

So it religions societal starting are might have been going on having a relatively good day. While the person with average skills exactly who observes only the exoteric very often skip it completely.

Into the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, this new 30th in order to 33rd stages are quantities of Lights, on the 33rd as the most wanted by ‘illumined guy.’ This new 33rd knowledge is the highest in public places identified studies during the Freemasonry. The amount 33 is short for ‘Illumination’ and you will independence from religious dogma (superstition). The human being spine contains 33 vertebra towards the cranium (intellect) on the top.

Whenever Bill Clinton inside the County of your own Commitment Address try talking about regarding the “setting sunlight and therefore the dawning of one’s the brand new time” he had been plus having fun with symbolic code

The quantity 13 is even significant regarding the Secrets. Regarding occult Gematria (matter program) the quantity 6 stands for kid. The quantity 7 signifies divine brilliance or Jesus. The latest Hebrew (Biblical) Gematria experience the same for those sorts of wide variety. Hence it can be viewed that count thirteen are a great mixture of child and divine brilliance that is what Illuminism really is, kid gets a jesus. New York Rite of Freemasonry features thirteen degree (simply nine in public). The newest Bavarian Buy from Illuminati (Adam Weishaupt’s branch) together with had 13 degree.

The fresh obelisk, an effective phallic icon when it comes to Osiris, is yet another important icon throughout the mysteries and you can presents the brand new lost word of Freemasonry or perhaps the ‘secret’ of Secrets. The fresh new obelisk is actually a symbol of the sun’s rays god (intellect) otherwise generative force. Knowing this completely it is important to study the newest Osirian stage but I won’t get into that now.